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Richard Valencia

I first introduced myself into photography when i had purchased the Nokia Lumia 1020. Although it was a smart phone, it was capable of going fully manual and having manual control over the pictures it took. This is where i began to learn the properties of taking a great picture.

After around a year or so, I had finally decided that i needed to buy a camera that has all the manual settings and shoots Raw. I decided to take a chance with the Sony Alpha 6000. There is no doubt in my mind that this little guy can perform extremely well in any situation you put infront of it. As a photographer i strive to give my clients the best work possible and give them quality for their hard earned money.

 -Richard Valencia

CONTACT INFO:   Richardvalenciaphotography@gmail.com


Scott Breinig

Photography has given me an outlet to rejuvenate the creative sector of my brain when it gets buried in the day to day shtuff.

I have no formal training in the art of photography or in the use of Photoshop, which I do use often. My family and friends have been a huge part of developing my confidence in the visual arts, for that I am thankful.

Thank you for stopping by our website.

-Scott Breinig

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