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As visual artists and through the art of photography, we are passionate about capturing the ordinary things most of us see every day in life but may have forgotten the value of their beauty.

As studio photographers, it is our goal to create beautiful and lasting photographic images that will be loved by every client who places their trust in us for years to come.

As a Soultorch Photography client, you will be assured professional services like no other, giving you personalized attention, and of course breath-taking photos! We promise to give the utmost level of service to each client, while respecting individual needs

Artist Bio's

Scott Breinig

Photography has given me an outlet to rejuvenate the creative sector of my brain when it gets buried in the day to day stuff.

I have no formal training in the art of photography or in the use of Photoshop, which I do use often. My family and friends have been a huge part of developing my confidence in the visual arts, for that I am thankful.

Thank you for stopping by our website.

-Scott Breinig

Contact:    info@soultorchphotography.com 

(209) 498-7181

Richard Valencia

I first introduced myself into photography when i had purchased the Nokia Lumia 1020. Although it was a smart phone, it was capable of going fully manual and having manual control over the pictures it took. This is where i began to learn the properties of taking a great picture.

After around a year or so, I had finally decided that i needed to buy a camera that has all the manual settings and shoots Raw. I decided to take a chance with the Sony Alpha 6000. There is no doubt in my mind that this little guy can perform extremely well in any situation you put infront of it. As a photographer i strive to give my clients the best work possible and give them quality for their hard earned money.

-Richard Valencia

Contact Info: Richardvalenciaphotography@gmail.com

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